Loans With Financial Credit: Reasons to Leave the List of Defaulters and How to Do It

Loans with Financial Credit allow you to access certain financing formulas even if your data appear in a file of defaulters. We are aware of how uncomfortable it is to be part of these lists that limit both access to loans and the hiring of certain supplies or services.

The worst of all is that it is the fish that bites its tail. As you can not access the financing you can not pay off the debt that you have pending, so you are still part of the file of defaulters. Therefore, loans with Financial Credit are ideal for people who are included in these lists. In fact, many of them use these solutions to pay what they owe and that their data is eliminated.

Reasons why you are interested in leaving the Financial Credit

Reasons why you are interested in leaving the Financial Credit

The publication of your data in a list of defaulters can become a real nightmare. You can become part of it due to the non-payment of a loan or any other invoice, even if it is the result of a disagreement with a supply company. The main problem is that your inclusion in the file limits both the access to financing and the hiring of services that may be basic, that’s why you need to get out of there.

1. You can not contract if you are in the Financial Credit

The hiring of basic services such as light or telephony are restricted for your data that is in the file, so you can see yourself in a complicated situation if you need any of these basic supplies. In some cases, you may be restricted to renting a home.

2. You generate lack of confidence

Your personal data have been published, so now you are part of the group of defaulters, with which you awaken more distrust than trust between entities and companies. Your personal image is completely affected, regardless of the reasons that led you to that situation.

3. You have difficulty accessing financing

Access to traditional financing is completely restricted. For cases like yours, the only solution you have on the table are loans with Financial Credit. A type of financial product designed and designed for people who have the same problem as you, that is, they are part of these files.

Now, in line with this we want to emphasize that this type of loans are granted to those people who are in Financial Credit, but whose debt is not related to the non-payment of a loan or loan. Keep in mind that the company that lends you the money assumes a greater risk because you are part of a file of defaulters, however, even so I would lend you the money. However, this loan is usually conditioned to the origin of your debt. If what happens is that you owe a telephone bill, you can benefit from the loan, but if you owe a credit card to a bank, it is more likely that this option will also deny you.

4. The debts continue and the process advances

Even if your name is published in a file of defaulters, the debt that you have pending follows its usual course so that it can be charged. So you have your hands tied and you may continue to generate interest. In some cases, the companies to which you owe the money can go against your assets or assets to be able to collect.

How to leave the Financial Credit

How to leave the Financial Credit

The publication of your data in a file of defaulters is a problem that damages your image and your quality of life. Therefore, it is important that you leave as soon as possible and, sometimes, it is not easy to do so. We explain the steps you should follow.

1. Pay the outstanding debt

It’s the first thing you should do, settle your debt. In these cases, loans with Financial Credit can be very helpful. Thanks to this type of financing you will get the money that will allow you to resolve the situation and disappear from that file.

2. Manage the elimination of your Financial Credit data

Normally, when you pay the debt that you have pending, the creditor company that had requested the inclusion of your data in the file is the one that deals with its elimination. However, sometimes you have to make sure and manage the deletion yourself so that it is actually done. Many people pay what they owe and their names are still published, so it’s important that you make sure of the process.

You can directly contact the file in question so that they inform you of the debt that you have pending and, if you have already paid it and your data continue to be published, you can directly manage its elimination. For this, you need to demonstrate documentarily that, indeed, the payment has been made.

Keep in mind that the file in question must delete your data and there will be no trace of your appearance in them, as established in article 41.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007.

3. Prescription

The publication of your data in a delinquency file has an expiration date. In this case, you would have to let six years pass before the debt prescribes.

4. Rights ARCOS

If you are part of these files, but the debt they ask for is not correct, you have at your disposal those known as ARCOS rights to request their cancellation. It is the right of information, modification, cancellation or resistance that you have as a citizen and that appears in the LOPD. A regulation to which we have to add the new General Regulation of Data Protection. In any case, you have to prove your arguments convincingly to benefit from this right.

Now you know how important it is to get out of the delinquency files to improve your quality of life and restore confidence in your person. In Bonsai Finance you can find different loan options with Financial Credit that will help you get the financing you need. You can perform the management online and have in a short time the money you need to resolve the situation, either pay your outstanding debt or pay another unexpected that you need. Of course, we will give you the same advice we offer our clients, it is important to act responsibly, ask for the money that is needed and ensure your return.