Loans With Financial Credit and Fixed Payroll

The financing formulas are varied and it is possible that you are registered in a record of defaulters being solvent. Loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll are the alternative to overcome the veto of traditional entities that, sometimes, is not justified. We explain in detail what this financing formula consists of, the conditions to access and the opinion of Astro Finance.

The characteristics of the loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll

The characteristics of the loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll

The reality of the files of defaulters is that it is not necessary that you are a bad payer to be included. In fact, many people are listed as having a difference with a company for the payment of an invoice; As a measure of pressure, they are included. The truth is that it is easy to enter a file of this type, but it is more difficult to exit.

Although financial institutions take this file as a reference to decide whether or not to lend money, many are aware that there are reliable people who are in Financial Credit. When this happens, it is convenient to explore the alternative financing possibilities available to you. The development of new technologies favors that today you can access a loan without having to go through traditional channels.

A loan with Financial Credit and fixed payroll is an exceptional financing instrument and it is important that you keep in mind that the conditions that will require you are higher than in other cases. The main problem is that, if you do not need this type of loan, it will not compensate you because there are more adequate formulas.

The main aspects that you have to consider when deciding on this financing are the following:

1. More interests

Although the fixed payroll is a guarantee of payment, when you are in a defaulter file they will charge you a little more interest to compensate for the risk. The average interest you will have to pay to cover this situation ranges between 9 and 12%.

Of course, it is important to know that the amounts will vary greatly depending on the financial operator, so it is convenient that you use a comparator such as Astro Finance to not overpay.

2. Variable amortization period

The amortization period of this type of loans is variable because the main guarantee is the fixed payroll that you contribute so that there are no problems in the collection. It is logical that the maximum term of return is less to be in a file of defaulters, but in any case it should be noted that it is broad.

For example, loans with classic Financial Credits usually do not contemplate more than 90 days as a repayment term, but if you contribute a fixed payroll you will easily have one year as a limit, or even more. In exceptional cases, it is up to 10 years.

3. Limited quantities

A loan with Financial Credit and fixed payroll provides less amount than if there were no type of limitation. As a rule, they will offer you up to 2000 euros, although you have the option of getting higher amounts if you have to make a major purchase or finance a business.

It is important to indicate that the amounts that will provide you with a loan with Financial Credit and fixed payroll are superior to those that would give you if you did not provide any guarantee.

How do I get a loan with Financial Credit and fixed payroll?

How do I get a loan with Financial Credit and fixed payroll?

Most entities require a series of conditions to access this type of financing and, as a general principle, it is good to take into account that these minimums exist. It is important to note that all conditions have to be met because, otherwise, the operation may be damaged:

Legal residence in Spain

To apply for a loan with Financial Credit it is essential that you have legal residence in Spain, whether you are national or foreign. Remember that you will be asked for an identification document that proves this circumstance, so it is better to refrain from requesting this financing if you do not comply with this condition.

Be between 18 and 65 years old

The main idea is that you are a citizen of legal age and active, that is, of working age. Not in vain, the fixed payroll can only be had if you are working, although the maximum age could be extended to 67 years, which is the current benchmark for retirement. On the other hand, we must remember that minors do not have the capacity to request this funding.

Fixed and demonstrable income

The requirement of having a fixed payroll is the one that will open the doors to this type of financing, so you will need to prove that you have this income for a period of time. You should know that it is normal for the financial operator to ask for your last two or three payrolls to make sure that, in effect, you provide that guarantee in case of non-payment.

Checking account, email and telephone

At the time of entering the money, you have to provide a checking account, an email and a phone number that you probably already have. These tools will serve to demonstrate your roots, make viable the operation and, in short, prove that you are in a position to pay.

The advice of Astro Finance

The advice of Astro Finance

In Astro Finance we consider that this type of loan is convenient as long as it is provisional. Knowing what are the advantages and disadvantages is good so that you do not have more problems than the essential ones when assuming this type of operation.

For example, this is not the type of loan that we recommend if you want to request a mortgage or finance a business. The reason is that the amount to be satisfied is greater than in other cases. It is, however, an interesting option if what you want is to pay an amount in no more than a year because it offers that immediacy you need.



Loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll are an alternative for those who need financing and have problems because they are in a file of defaulters. We encourage you to use the comparator service to better choose the product that most interests you.