Loans for health and beauty

Taking care of your body and your health is very important, but you do not always have the liquidity available to face the expenses, in fact, the statistics say that many Italians give up dental care because they are not able to bear the costs. In all these cases it is good to know that you can get loans for health and beauty.

How to obtain personal financing

How to obtain personal financing


More and more people are asking for loans to indulge in some beauty treatment, such as having a nose job, increasing breast volume, defeating hateful cellulite, or undergoing dental or similar treatments. In all these cases the solution is the personal loan. It is a typology granted by practically all banking institutions, to obtain the money the reason for which it is requested must not be indicated, precisely for this reason we speak of unfinished loans. This differentiates them from a mortgage in which the money must be spent to carry out a specific activity.

The sums requested can also be very high, even if it will then be the credit institution, based on the applicant’s capabilities and guarantees, to establish how much they can actually have, the amortization plan and any guarantees. Among the features that make these forms of credit highly appreciated is the speed of delivery : thanks to the simplified practices it takes 48 hours from the request to have the money available on your account. The unfinished loans are at a fixed rate and provide for repayment in convenient monthly installments.

To be able to obtain it, it is necessary to present the pay packet in the bank, the employment contract so that it can be determined whether it is for a fixed or indefinite period, or for the professionals the tax return. For particularly large sums, or in the event that the paycheck / CUD is not particularly high, the bank may request additional guarantees, for example the stipulation of an insurance, the presence of a guarantor or a mortgage.

Alternatives to personal loans for health and beauty

Alternatives to personal loans for health and beauty


Another solution to get money on loan to pay for health care or beauty treatments is the sale of the fifth. This form of financing is particularly interesting because it can be requested even if there are other loans in progress. It can be granted to employees, the public or private sector, or to pensioners. In this case it is not necessary for the debtor to pay the installment amount monthly, because the same must be paid by the employer or the pension institution. Finally, the installment corresponds to one fifth of the net salary is, obviously also includes a share of interest.

To be able to obtain a loan for health and beauty with a salary assignment, it is necessary to present the salary certificate at the bank which also indicates the type of contract to which you have been subjected, the amount of severance pay and the classification. For pensioners it is, instead, necessary to present the pension slip. Many Institutes set the age limit in order to be able to request the assignment of the fifth in 75 years, while others draw up formulas concerning the amortization plan, for example the payment of the installments must end within the age of 80 years.

According to the legislation, it is necessary to stipulate a policy to cover the risk of loss of work, accident and risk for employees, while for pensioners it is necessary to take out the policy to cover the risk of death. For the workers it is good to underline that in case of loss of job, the bank will go to make up first on the accrued severance pay and in case of lack of capacity through the policy. The insurance is not required to pay the remainder if the loss of work is due to the debtor’s behavior.

Financing of small amounts for health and beauty

In case of need for small amounts, for example for a cellulite treatment, for a permanent epilation, a tooth whitening, the sums can also be requested through the revolving card. It works more or less like a credit card, initially it is recharged by the credit institution, then monthly the sums used must be returned, in addition to a share of interest. The revolving card can also be requested by students and housewives, obviously the greater the guarantees given and the higher the amounts granted can be.

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