Immediate Loans to Finance the Holy Week

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year arrives: Holy Week. These days are a great joy for millions of families. As these holidays approach, many people begin to plan their trips and observe different destinations. But, probably, most destinations are out of our budget: this is when immediate loans come into the picture. To not give up the trip, you can request capital.

Immediate loans for traveling during Holy Week

Immediate loans for traveling during Holy Week

These loans for travel usually have these defined characteristics:

Personal loans

That is, no additional guarantees are needed, such as a mortgage. Simply, it responds to the payment of the debt with all current assets or those that are earned in the future, but without specifying one in particular.


Processing this type of financing is usually carried out in a more agile way than other types of procedures.

Type of interest

The types of this loan can be variable or fixed, being higher than the mortgage loans, although they are usually lower than those of the mini-loans.


There are many immediate loans for travel, granted mainly by private entities after the closing of the tap of the banking entities. The amount of them, in addition to their conditions, are very variable. It is vital to find one that is adapted to our needs.

In all these cases, when asking for a loan of this kind to finance a trip, you can not keep the first one you find. We advise you to compare which one best suits your needs.

Keep in mind that you do not follow the traditional channels of traditional banking, so you will receive a prompt response on your application and you will have the money in the account indicated below. That is, with an immediate loan you can fulfill your dreams and travel to the place you want.

What are the requirements to obtain loans of this type?

What are the requirements to obtain loans of this type?

All requirements are usually extended as the amount you have requested and the time to return it, but in many cases the conditions are acceptable. However, you should keep in mind:

  • Be of age.
  • Have legal residence in Spain, accrediting then DNI or NIE.
  • Have income on a regular basis. Without providing too much information, it is something to take into account in order to return the requested capital.

The key points in this type of urgent loans to request capital for Holy Week

The key points in this type of urgent loans to request capital for Holy Week

Among the different key points, we highlight the following, below.

The interest rate

In this case, we refer to the nominal interest rate, the TIN, which will be requested. It should be borne in mind that this figure does not include some commissions and expenses derived from operations (such as opening), so a 0% TIN must be taken into account.


Commissions are usually charged for performing the capital request procedures. Some of them may be by cancellation or study.

The Annual Equivalent Rate

You should always know this figure (in percentage), although some expenses and commissions can be included in it. This will be, then, the final figure that will allow you to make comparisons in a real and different way of all the possible loans that you must take into account when requesting money to fulfill the dream of traveling during Holy Week.

Holy Week is one of the most marked dates in the calendar. The immediate loans offer you financing to make the trip of your dreams. In this post, we have told you everything you need to take into account when applying for a loan of this type to finance the trip.