Investigate our payday loan consolidation Payday loan consolidation at is a financial product and consists of a single loan that includes and replaces the previous payday loans. In this way, the installment is unique and is recalibrated so as to be adequate to the current economic availability of the payer. Being a real mortgage it is easy to think that it is incompatible with the condition of a bad payer and in fact, until a few years ago it was. But with the Law 03/2012, it is no longer so! In fact, there are also conditions for those who find themselves in this difficult situation that allow them to request debt consolidation.Read More →

Taking care of your body and your health is very important, but you do not always have the liquidity available to face the expenses, in fact, the statistics say that many Italians give up dental care because they are not able to bear the costs. In all these cases it is good to know that you can get loans for health and beauty. How to obtain personal financing   More and more people are asking for loans to indulge in some beauty treatment, such as having a nose job, increasing breast volume, defeating hateful cellulite, or undergoing dental or similar treatments. In all these casesRead More →

The financing formulas are varied and it is possible that you are registered in a record of defaulters being solvent. Loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll are the alternative to overcome the veto of traditional entities that, sometimes, is not justified. We explain in detail what this financing formula consists of, the conditions to access and the opinion of Astro Finance. The characteristics of the loans with Financial Credit and fixed payroll The reality of the files of defaulters is that it is not necessary that you are a bad payer to be included. In fact, many people are listed as having a differenceRead More →

Loans with Financial Credit allow you to access certain financing formulas even if your data appear in a file of defaulters. We are aware of how uncomfortable it is to be part of these lists that limit both access to loans and the hiring of certain supplies or services. The worst of all is that it is the fish that bites its tail. As you can not access the financing you can not pay off the debt that you have pending, so you are still part of the file of defaulters. Therefore, loans with Financial Credit are ideal for people who are included in theseRead More →

The time of teaching and education is the first big step towards independence for many young people. Earn the first money, maybe enjoy the first apartment and a hitherto unimaginable degree of freedom. But that also means that the apprentice or trainee also has to assume a great deal of responsibility. With the financial freedom gained through the first salary, many young people also want to fulfill a few dreams. But usually a apprentice’s salary is not enough. So the question arises whether apprentices receive a loan during apprenticeship. How trainees get credit during apprenticeship Basically, it is possible to get a loan during theRead More →

One of the most anticipated weeks of the year arrives: Holy Week. These days are a great joy for millions of families. As these holidays approach, many people begin to plan their trips and observe different destinations. But, probably, most destinations are out of our budget: this is when immediate loans come into the picture. To not give up the trip, you can request capital. Immediate loans for traveling during Holy Week These loans for travel usually have these defined characteristics: Personal loans That is, no additional guarantees are needed, such as a mortgage. Simply, it responds to the payment of the debt with allRead More →

Personal loans without a paycheck can simply be obtained with the help of bills. We have redefined the parties involved in this type of financing and discussed the reason why a converted credit can be accepted and a common personal loan could instead be rejected. The procedure is quite simple and no special income guarantees will be required if not showing ownership of a property or a guarantor that replaces with its own income capacity, those of the applicant. The parties involved are: the debtor – the one who needs money the lender – the lender, usually is represented by a credit institution, a financeRead More →